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Andy and Pete here - the bearded and rapidly ageing co-founders of THIS™.

THIS™ was created when we both checked out meat-free food, and decided that we didn’t want any of it. After successfully exiting our burger chain, Chosen Bun, we set out to make hyper-realistic plant-based food that mimics meat in taste, texture and appearance. But properly - not like some of the Frankenfood that’s been on shelves over the past few years.

We launched 12 months ago, and we’ve been growing obscenely quickly. We’re in our early thirties and face-lifts have been suggested to us both this year – more than once. Our products are now in over 2000 stores and restaurants (including Tesco, Waitrose, Ocado, and Honest Burger), we’re listed with wholesale behemoth, Brakes, we’ve had hundreds of national PR features or mentions, we’ve won stuff and we’ve raised £5.6m from VC funds. We’ve also agreed to launch in two additional major supermarket chains in 2020.

In THIS™’s seventh month of trading (Veganuary 2020), monthly revenue was circa £370,000.


THIS™ is here to shatter meat-eaters’ preconceptions of plant-based food, one rasher or nugget at a time.

Made from pea and soy, our products are ridiculously high in protein, taste loads like they’re made of animals, have minimal CO2 emissions vs meat, and are produced by a brand who won’t guilt-trip you if you also eat meat. In fact we’re big on using rebellious humour to disarm peoples’ defences when it comes to plant-based eating.



Our aim is to accelerate growth, rather than stay alive – we already have a healthy cash-balance of circa £3m. The investment will be used to grow our marketing reach, boost our manufacturing capability in order to keep up with demand, and expand our innovation pipeline. On that, we’re actually building a Willy Wonka’esque plant-based Innovation Centre in London, which will house state-of-the-art equipment, run by world-leading plant protein experts.

We’d love to get you in on the action so you can join us on this bonkers journey.

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